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Composite Restorations

A composite, or tooth-colored, restoration is used to repair a tooth damaged by decay, cracks or fractures. The damaged section of the tooth is removed and filled with composite material.

Composite restorations can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth so that they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are usually placed to repair chipped, decayed or worn teeth, or to close a space between two teeth.

Amalgam Fillings vs. Composite Fillings

For years, dental professionals have debated the pros and cons of silver amalgam fillings, which contain about 50% mercury. It hasn’t been scientifically proven that amalgam fillings are harmful, but nonetheless, our Oakland office has chosen to use composite fillings instead. We want to provide our patients with the newest and best treatment alternative available.

Composite fillings have the benefit of looking more natural and providing much better protection for your teeth. They’re also free of the short-comings you find with amalgam fillings. Composite seal better, insulate again hot and cold better, and they are easier to repair if they wear down.

Please give our office a call if you want to learn more about composite fillings, or if you’re interested in replacing any of your old, unsightly silver fillings.

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