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Porcelain Fixed Bridges

If you are missing a tooth, restorative care is essential. With a missing tooth, your remaining teeth may change position over time, leading to a variety of dental problems, including the loss of more teeth. Thankfully, you can restore what you have lost with a porcelain fixed bridge from Dr. Tuck’s Oakland dental office.

A porcelain fixed bridge is a non-removable appliance custom-made and fitted to replace single or multiple missing teeth. Once in place, your bridge will prevent remaining teeth from shifting. It will also restore chewing ability, enhance your smile, and restore and maintain your facial shape. A bridge may also help you replace a poorly fitting removable appliance.

Dental bridges are composed of a metal framework, to which porcelain is fused. They are custom-made to match the color and size of adjacent teeth, and are a very popular choice among patients. To have a bridge made, call our Oakland dental office so Dr. Tuck can evaluate the area and discuss specifics with you.

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